Other cool window cleaning blogs

So you’ve came here due to a friend, a referral, or you just found us through the almighty Google? You are wondering who are the best frome window cleaners in the local area around Frome, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and the other cool areas. But, do you know of the other awesome blogs out there? I guess not. We highly suggest that you check out the other window cleaning blogs which we are referencing on our website, we are collaborating with these guys and they provide some awesome information in regards to local window cleaners and more.

They have written a few blogs posts about the window cleaning companies they would recommend, and why you should go with them than the other companies in Frome, Somerset & Wiltshire. I suppose sometimes it would save you some money if you were to do it yourselves than rather pay an hourly rate for someone else to do it, no problem! We all love to save some money here and there, they also provide cleaning technique videos and tutorials.


A crazy Window Cleaner

Here at the window cleaning blog, we don’t just recommend awesome window cleaners in the local area, we like to help you too. Here is a quick video for today of a crazy good window cleaner, he does not fail to impress!




Wooho, we’re live!

That’s right, we are live. At last.

The window cleaning blog is up and running and we are ready to distribute the best news in regards to window cleaners in the Frome and surrounding areas. If you have any experience with any window cleaning company in Frome then feel free to contribute to the community and share their details etc.


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